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The Original Sacher Torte

Created in 1832 by Franz Sacher

Location Vienna or Salzburg, Innsbruck or Graz

Its recipe is a well-kept secret since 1832. Taste its unique flavour and give it away as a surprise present! The story of the legendary chocolate cake filled with apricot jam began in 1832. Franz Sacher was a 16-year old apprentice at the court of Prince Metternich when he was asked to create an especially delicious dessert for distinguished guests.

Today, the Sacher Torte is exported across the world. More than 360,000 Original Sacher Torten are produced every year in exactly the same way as 175 years ago. Enjoy the original in Vienna or Salzburg, Innsbruck or Graz!


Griechenbeisl Inn


Images of the Sacher Torte

Griechenbeisl Inn
Griechenbeisl Inn
Griechenbeisl Inn



Recipes similar to that of the Sachertorte appeared as early as the eighteenth century, one instance being in the 1718 cookbook of Conrad Hagger, another in Gartler-Hickmann's 1749 Tried and True Viennese Cookbook.

The history of the Sachertorte itself begins, however, in 1832, when Prince Metternich charged his personal chef with creating a special dessert for several important guests. The head chef having taken ill, the task fell to the sixteen-year-old Franz Sacher, then an apprentice in his second year of training in Metternich's kitchen, to whom the Prince is reported to have declared, "Let there be no shame on me tonight!" While the torte created by Sacher on this occasion is said to have delighted Metternich's guests, the dessert received no immediate further attention. Sacher completed his training as a chef and afterward spent time in Pressburg and Budapest, ultimately settling in his hometown of Vienna where he opened a high-class delicatessen and winery.

Sacher's eldest son Eduard carried on his father's culinary legacy, completing his own training in Vienna with the Royal and Imperial Pastry Chef at the Demel bakery and chocolatier, during which time he perfected his father's recipe and developed the torte into its current form. The cake was first served at the Demel and later at the Hotel Sacher, established by Eduard in 1876.

Since then, the cake has numbered amongst the most famous of Vienna's culinary specialties.